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                Pharma Software

                Applied SmartFactory? All Industries

                Market demands require semiconductor, pharmaceutical, display, and solar manufacturers to create intelligent factories. Industry leaders rely on Applied SmartFactory full automation solutions to sense factory/plant activity, decide and predict next actions, and initiate resolution. Our customers are increasing yield and product output, reducing cycle times and costs, and increasing profitability.




                Semiconductor Software

                Applied Materials is the leading automation software supplier to the semiconductor industry for wafering, the front end process, advanced packaging and traditional assembly and test. Applied SmartFactory? offers an automation suite for advanced manufacturing, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to operate in full fab automation and improve on manufacturing results. Learn More

                Pharma Software

                A suite of advanced manufacturing software, enabling pharma companies to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality and compliance from their plants & supply chain through a platform refined through 30 years of leadership based on Industry 4.0 principles. Learn More

                Display Software

                Applied SmartFactory automation suite of advanced manufacturing software provides a breadth of capabilities proven in the display market. They increase results by incorporating controls of process, metrology, and material handling equipment.
                Learn More

                Solar Software

                A suite of advanced manufacturing software, enabling solar manufacturers to increase efficiency and productivity while lowering costs by incorporating manufacturing executions systems (MES) and advanced process control (APC) systems. Learn More