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                FabVantage? Consulting

                Uncover hidden productivity in your fab

                FabVantage Consulting
                Our FabVantage consultants offer deep expertise and advanced analytical tools to help solve tough production problems that have the greatest impact on your business.


                Device manufacturing is a complex, high-stakes business—and it isn’t getting easier. So we’ve built FabVantage Consulting to deliver solutions to production problems having the greatest impact on your business.

                Leveraging Applied’s deep technology roots and a team of seasoned fab experts, we’ve partnered with global customers to understand and assess difficult productivity issues, and then steer strategies to optimize tools and processes—helping you deliver competitive products with higher yield and output.

                FabVantage serves customers in the semiconductor segment in three specialized practices offering analyses of key performance metrics:

                Tool OutputYield & PredictabilityFab Productivity & Cycle Time
                OEE, PM success rate, run rate, tool health index, FDC fingerprint/controls, Tool CoOPredictability, excursions, matching, process control, defects, yield-based FDCFab cycle time, throughput dispatch rules, scheduling, line balancing, automation systems, CIM strategy



                Manufacturing challenges like slow yield ramp, uneven process performance and unpredictable output can eat away at fab efficiency and your bottom line. With FabVantage Consulting you get relevant expertise, actionable intelligence and the kind of collaboration you need to solve your toughest problems. The deep experience of our team is coupled with a data driven approach to understanding your specific issues.

                We use careful methodology: discovery processes, benchmarking against best-in-class performance, and assessment using trusted analytical tools and the resources of Applied’s knowledge base to produce actionable intelligence: the composite of information needed to drive customized, measurable improvement strategies.

                We then develop a clear plan of attack and work closely with you every step of the way to implement recommendations, monitor results and assure your satisfaction.

                Our newest offering, FabVantage? 360, provides a differentiated benchmarking capability to identify opportunities relative to world-class performance and BKMs for evaluated tools. For one fab, FabVantage 360 uncovered opportunities that could improve output by 25%. To learn more about this capability, click here.


                • Uncover hidden productivity
                • Drive predictability of yield and  output
                • Process optimization
                • Cost containment


                FabVantage experts understand what you're up against. All of our practice experts have served at leading fabs worldwide — as fab executives and hands-on line managers, in yield/process integration and process engineering and as ops and services managers. With decades of experience, they all share one goal: your success.

                And at their disposal is Applied Materials' knowledge base: a trove of learning about process and chamber technology from the industry's largest installed base and from our development labs and industry benchmarks.

                Sanjiv Mittal
                VP & General Manager
                Helen Armer
                Applied Knowledge Base Director
                Tony Martinez
                Managing Director, North America, Europe and Japan
                Haim Albalak
                Fab Productivity Practice Leader
                Zadig Lam
                Zadig Lam
                FabVantage Managing Director, Asia


                The FabVantage team is focused on delivering customer value. We work with you to help pinpoint sources of productivity loss. We provide the relevant expertise and deep industry experience needed to deliver tangible improvements and innovations that elevate performance in your factory.

                Here are a few examples of how we’ve applied our insights and expertise to help clients reach their ambitious goals. Let's talk about what we can do for you.

                Implemented Improvements for Constraint Tools

                • 20% increase in uptime for Producer PECVD tools
                • 5% improvement in output for CuBS and EPI
                • 25% improvement in output for DPS Etch
                • 5% increase in output for Reflexion CU CMP
                • 5% cycle time improvement for a fab

                Yield & Defect Improvement During Technology & Capacity Ramps

                • 20% gain in probe yield during a new technology ramp
                • 33% defect improvement in Producer PECVD tools
                • Parametric chamber matching for Poly Etch to meet tight device requirements
                • Chamber matching for Producer CVD to meet uniformity specifications
                • Edge die yield improvement for transistor leakage variation at gate stack